Telecentre Programme For Orang Asli

#Covid-19 Info Untuk Orang Asli, sila mengunjungi
Informasi Center Untuk Covid-19 yang disediakan oleh ahli TPOA
(TPOA's Information Centre For Covid-19)
*The website of TPOA's Information Centre For Covid-19 was designed to collect and disseminate critical information regarding Covid-19 for rural communities who have slow Internet access.

The Role of Researchers from Unimas in Institute

Researchers from Universiti Malaysia Sarawak (UNIMAS) took on both administrative and research & development roles in the project at the University level. Tasks were divided between the researchers based on their levels of expertise and skills as well as the multiple demands on their time as researchers in order to best draw on the diverse capabilities and interests that exist.

As the Institute of Social Informatics and Technological Innovations (ISITI) spearheaded the successful eBario initiative and later on its replications in Ba’Kelalan, Long Lamai, Larapan and Buayan, the team of researchers at ISITI who were site leaders at these sites were asked to act as mentors to the appointed site leaders of the TPOA project. The Institute provided the TPOA researchers with valuable support to the initiative, and helped to define the directions as well as identify the critical issues related to the project.

About The Project

The Telecentre Programme for Orang Asli (TPOA) West Malaysia initiative first came into execution through the Needs Analysis in Developing Telecentre among Orang Asli West Malaysia, which was conducted within a one-year period of February 2011 till February 2012. The main goal of Needs Analysis was to conduct preliminary assessment of actual Information Communication Technology (ICT) needs and uses in the communities to be served by these facilities and to provide training to all stakeholders (specifically community mobilisers attached to government and non-governmental agencies) on how to carry out community engagement activities when setting up telecentres for community development.

Four Orang Asli settlements were selected to participate as respondents for the Needs Analysis. Upon the completion of the Needs Analysis at the selected Orang Asli settlements in Pos Sinderut and Pos Lenjang, Pahang and Pos Balar and Pos Gob, Kelantan, the same sites were again identified as the beneficiaries of the programme.


The TPOA programme sought to fulfill several objectives, namely:

  • Facilitate communication
  • Provide access to information
  • Create resource centres for new “knowledge” and skills
  • Provide education through ICT
  • Provide training for local capacity building
  • Provide health related information to the villagerss
  • Drive rural development through the Telecentres as Rural Transformation Centres

Our Team

Three main teams were formed to ensure the success of the project, namely:

Associate Professor Dr. Poline Bala

TPOA Project Leader Lecturer, Faculty of Social Science, UNIMAS

Mr. Justin Malik Masia @ Peton

TPOA Project Manager


Associate Professor Dr. Tan Chong Eng

(TPOA Telecommunication and ICT Head)

Lecturer, Faculty of Computer Science & Information Technology, Unimas

Dr Lau Sei Ping

Lecturer, Faculty of Computer Science & Information Technology, Unimas

Wong Siew Mooi

TPOA IT Specialist


Four project site leaders were appointed to manage each research site in order to oversee the progress of each site. Each site leader was chosen based on their interpersonal and facilitation skills as well as their emphasis on community perspectives, knowledge on community resources and ability to build on relationships, both within the team and also with the community. The site leaders also act as the liaison person between the community and the University, and are able to understand and be comfortable in both the academic and community setting.

Site Leader of Pos Sinderut

Dr. Wong Swee Kiong

Site Leader of Pos Lenjang

Dr. John Phoa Chui Leong

Site Leader of Pos Balar

Mr. Christopher a/l Perumal

Site Leader of Pos Gob

Dr. Nwanesi Peter Karubi


Prof. Ir. Dr. Al-Khalid Haji Othman   (TPOA Energy and Infrastructure Development Head)

Lecturer, Faculty of Engineering, Unimas

AP. Dr. Hushairi Haji Zen

Lecturer,Faculty of Engineering, Unimas

AP. Dr. Wan Azlan Wan Zainal Abidin

Lecturer, Faculty of Engineering, Unimas

Ir. Dr. Mohd. Daniel bin Ibrahim

Lecturer, Faculty of Engineering, Unimas

Dr. Ngu Sze Song

Lecturer, Faculty of Engineering, Unimas

En. Mohd. Farid Atan

Lecturer, Faculty of Engineering, Unimas

En. Azfar Satari bin Abdullah

Lecturer, Faculty of Engineering, Unimas


Dr. Nwanesi Peter Karubi Ms. Siti Fateha bt Dolhadi Mdm. Nurul Huda bt Marwan

Dr. Sharifah Sophia bt Wan Ahmad Mr. Bemen Wong Win Keong Dr. Parveen Kaur a/p Sarjeet Singh Dr. Zamri b. Hj Hassan

Ms. Kiky Kirina Hj Abdillah Dr. Goy Siew Ching Dr. Wong Swee Kiong Ms. Siti Khatijah bt Zamhari Mr. Christopher a/l Perumal

Documentation of Indigenous Knowledge
Pn. Dayang Hajyarati bt. Awang Kassim AP. Dr. Poline Bala Mr. Jamali b. Bujang Sanawi

Mdm. Tracy Peter Samat Dr. John Phoa Chui Leong AP. Dr. Ahmad Nizar b. Yakup Mdm. Dayang Aizza Maisha Abg Ahmad

Dr. Juna Liau